Employers Case Studies

JTDS believes in what we offer.  Currently employing 10 apprentices ourselves all with their own skill sets, they are the foundation of our company.  Committed to their roles, dedicated to offering the best service our own apprentices are a reflection of what we believe in and what should be encouraged with all employers both large and small.  Currently 2 of our apprentices have progressed further.  Dami is now completing a management programme and Alex is undertaking his CIMA qualifications.

Last year we were invited to a Logistics company in Bradford.  They were keen to recruit an apprentice and give them the opportunity to work in every department and where they excelled then place them in that position.  So successful was this that they have now recruited 5 apprentices who are progressing well throughout the company.  The same company has also rolled out these qualifications to their existing staff and over 30 staff have undertaken qualifications.